Breakthrough A.I Turns Skeptical Strangers 
Into Subscribers, Leads And Sales 
On A Whole New Level
Introducing talking video avatars that fully interact with your visitors on a personal level and in their own language… turning traffic into cash like never before…
  • Turbo-boost your optins, leads, affiliate income, ad revenue or product sales overnight!
  • Dynamically switch to your visitor’s language to send optins, ad clicks and sales through the roof!
  • Avatars can play, pause and resume videos and guide your visitors to take action
  • Turn your website into a “sales pumping engine” that Facebook and Google love!
You Can Get This For a One Time Fee TODAY But It Rises To a Monthly Fee Shortly
Deploy Fully Customizable Video Avatars
Deploy fully customizable, interactive video avatars on your website in seconds… without any technical skills!
Video Avatars Address Your Visitors
Hyper intelligent video avatars address your visitors by name, location, time zone… and even speak in their native language!
Dynamically Automated Features
Video avatars can dynamically display personalized content, play and pause videos, plus tons more features…
Your Avatars Can Automatically Play, Pause And Resume Videos On Your Site For Off—The—Charts Leads, Optins And Sales…
Tired of people ignoring your videos, or dropping off too early? With Aiwis, you can instantly deploy avatars that can play, pause, delay, stop and restart videos for your visitors… sending your views, optins, leads and sales through the roof. Just imagine the possibilities…
This is just one of thousands of ways you can combine the power of video and A.I avatars to turn more of your visitors into leads, subscribers and sales. This is never—been—done—before video technology that can help you get more views, more clicks and more sales from your videos, starting tonight! As you can see, AIWIS 2.0 is the most cutting-edge video presenter on the market, and perfect for video marketers. With Aiwis you can even…
Introducing Dynamic Language Intelligence…
… something NO ONE has ever done before! AIWIS is the world’s first web AI that can DYNAMICALLY change voiceover from one language to another, depending on the country your visitor comes from.

Write “Text-to-Speech” messages in English… and AIWIS will automatically detect which language your visitor speaks… and dynamically translate your messages into lifelike speech in up to 25 of the most spoken languages in the world.
Choose From 46 Different Accents And 4 Realistic, Glitch—Free Voices (Boy, Girl, Man And Woman!)
Choose an original AIWIS avatar or select from a family of 5 super cute robot characters.

Or if you prefer, you can skip the avatar and simply use “Text-to-Speech” voiceovers on your site to automatically greet and guide people to take action verbally instead.

You can even have different video avatars on different pages of your site… all intelligently interacting with your audience for out-of-this-world optins, leads and sales.