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Generate Affiliate Income Without Promoting Affiliate Products
  • Generate Income from Any Affiliate Offer Without Promoting Affiliate Offers.
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Page Bot is the ultimate add on to anyone utilising Facebook pages in their marketing.

You can set the bot to answer anyone who comments on any of your pages. It can automatically reply with any set answers that you add in.

Once it replies and the users answers they are then automatically added to your messenger list.

This means you can engage and market to them again and again.
Reply Bot will do the selling for you this is like having a autoresponder directly inside Facebook.
You can add the bot and it will engage with anyone who messages you or your pages and then add that user to lists.
This can be used for customer support so you are always there and can reply to users even if you are sleeping.
You can add them to lists and market to those users directly on Facebook which means that the open rate and click rates will be higher than email.
Social Inboxer is the ultimate replacement for email marketing.

It has a full suite of tools that you can use to build and market to more Facebook leads. It has many automation features built in.

Including the ability to auto message anyone who replies to a post, also auto direct message them as well to make it seem even more personal.

Using the messaging and inboxing in Social Inboxer is twenty times more powerful than email.
Social Inboxer comes with everything you need to start generating leads on Facebook and start marketing to them as well.

Imagine how easy this powerful platform and suite of tools would be to sell to your subscribers and customers.
Facebook Notifications
You can send notifications direct to the users messenger. Make sure each of your messages are read.
Bulk Messages
You can send bulk messages to your contacts through messenger. Get almost 100% open rate.
Auto Replies
You can set up auto replies for anyone who comments on any of your posts so you can send them your sales message.
Lead Generator
Lots of lead generation tools already built in. From auto reply, chat bot, and call to action creator.
User Import
Import leads from your other pages so you can start messaging them using the Social Inboxer script.
Set Up Multiple Camapigns
You can set up campaigns using the software so you can target multiple pages at the same time.
Multiple Languages
Over ten different languages built in including Dutch, French, Greek, Italian and many more.
Inbox Manager
You can manage everything that comes into your inbox and even set an alert on what comes in.
Page Manager Module
Get the page manager module that you can use to manage all your Facebook pages from one location.
Full Reports For Your Campaigns
Full detailed reports of all campaigns this also includes successful and un successful ones.
Website Button
Add a send message button on your website so users can send you a message direct without being on Facebook
Chat Plugin
Add the chat plugin to your site and utilise your website traffic to build leads as well as Facebook
Social Inboxer lets you pull the leads from any page you manage anytime anyone sends a message then that lead can be collected and added into your campaigns.

You can set social inboxer up to automatically start a direct message campaign. So any lead that comes in will automatically start getting your direct messages.

You can start selling or engaging with the users this works exactly like your normal follow up message in any of your normal autoresponders.
You can also collect leads from your website. With our quick and simple tool. Just create a button and start collecting Facebook messenger leads.

Those leads then get added direct to the system.

You add the message us button and anyone visiting your site can send you a direct message via Facebook messenger and the lead gets added.

This is a quick and easy way to build your list
You can set up a bulk message campaign so just like your favourite autoresponder you can send bulk messages out to all your contacts.

You can schedule them so they can be sent even when you are not there. You can include and exclude leads that you do or don't want to see your message.

You can instantly test how this will look for your leads.
Your Facebook pages can easily be imported into Social Inboxer with just a few clicks. This allows you to start pulling your leads into Social Inboxer.

This is an amazing system that will help you market to your Facebook pages and visitors much easier.

The open and click rate on messages via Facebook is almost 95% compared to normal email messages this is huge and will help you build clicks and engagement.

This software is hot right now and if you get the resellers then this will be an easy sale to your clients.
Auto comment on a post by tagging all commenters, all the commenters will get a notification and revisit the post. You can create multiple comment campaigns engaging potentially 1000's of visitors
  • Auto Reply - By tagging the commenter
  • Comment On Post - By bulk tagging commenters
  • Schedule Campaigns - Set them for when you are not there
  • Spintax Supported - This means each message can be different
  • Tag Everyone Who Mentioned Your Product - With one click
  • And much much more
This is the ultimate Social Inboxer addon called Social Ultra. This makes this software super powerful. The software allows you to reply using a gif, image or video.
  • Custom Reply With Image - Get even more engagement
  • Custom Reply With Gif - Get your message across
  • Custom Reply With Video - Get a personalised message to your lead
  • Delete Unwanted Comments - Easily with this module
  • Prevent Theft of Customers - This will allow you to hide your real customers from competitors
  • And much much more
Leverage your website traffic by adding our brand new Social messenger on. Your visitors can chat directly with your page from your website.
  • Two Way Chat - Right inside your website
  • Resume Chat - On any device
  • Familiar Look - Same look as messenger
  • Single Line of Javascript - To make it work
  • Full Chat History - So you can see what you have said to your visitors
  • And much much more
We are going to give to the first 50 buyers the chance to claim full reseller rights to the Social Inboxer and the full suite of tools that it includes.
  • Social Inboxer - Full software package to resell
  • Social Commentor - Your buyers will get the addon
  • Social Ultra - Your buyers get the ultra included
  • Social Messenger - And also the messenger
  • Page Bot - Full page bot adddon
  • Reply Bot - Reply bot addon
  • Full Unlimited License - You sell the full unlimited license
  • Sell for above $47
Here is what you will get in the reseller package:
  • Sales Page - Full sales page done and ready to use. In html, clickfunnels and convertri
  • Video Sales Letter - Done by our inhouse team for you to use
  • Thank You Page - The thank you page to give our buyers access
  • Graphics Pack - Done for you graphics