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Spytrack was used to track and improve and monitor a campaign to the recently successful Sqribble launch, simply by tracking our hashtags+keywords and those of competitors, helped to generate over $4000 in commissions during the first 18hrs alone, as it gave a head start on what everyone else was doing.
By using Spytrack we could see what other competitors where doing in the run up to the sqribble launch which did over $800,000 in sales.

We could use their keywords and hashtags to help us rank and get more engagement.
Getting a head start with keywords and hashtags enabled us to quickly create a buzz on social media.

This helped us generate over $4000 in just the first 18hours and we went on to generate over $12000. 
Using the correct hashtags and keywords quickly made me a influential user with Sqribble.

We where able to track and see which social media campaigns worked the best and delivered the most engagement. Which then resulted in sales.
Before we move forward, I wanted to let you know that this is something that no one else out there has. This software is unique and special. I know because I have paid for and downloaded most “software” out there on the market to no avail... But you don't have to suffer my financial pain, as I have. 
This is the Future of Social Media  Marketing
And Your Ticket To Finally Succeed With It!

SPY TRACK is a brand new quick-and-easy, live tracking system that gathers up social media data from YouTube and Twitter, and re-arranges the information so you can understand EXACTLY what is working and what isn't...Even if you want to track your Competition! 
We have even included our “By-The-Hand” Training which will walk you through how to use our System and quickly help you build up your social media platforms to become profitable. 
The best part? Using our Platform, you will be able to see all Of the data you need to compete against your Competition and Win!
Here is what you can dowithin SPYTRACK! 
Included in your SPYTRACK Platform there are many fantastic options, yet super easy to find EXACTLY what you want, in a short time span.  Spytrack is a live tracking system using Twitter and YouTube. 
Here is why we use these two powerful platforms specifically:
YouTube is the 2nd most searched social platform on Earth. Marketers annd businesses can expand their reach to new audiences by using YouTube in their Inbound Marketing Campaigns.

Videos capture attention, can most easily go viral and rank very well on Google and other platforms. In other words, video sells. And now you can find out what are the best elements to use in your niche with Spytrack.
Twitter truly influences the way we communicate. Even though smaller than most platforms these days, such as Facebook, Twitter is one of the top influential platforms around. 

Twitter is not a technology, it’s more of a conversation – and the interesting thing is that, it’s happening with or without you... 

So get in there like a BOSS with Spytrack!
Spytrack will become your Best (Digital) Friend... who is a spy for you! See it will track accounts, hashtags, keywords, urls and mentions. It also includes very indepth (but easy to understand) tracking for each live tracker you setup, so that you can best see multiple different stats.  As if that is not enough yet, Spytrack also shows you when you should be posting for optimal response and engagement! 

Our platform also updates Live for:
  • Top engagement posts
  • Posts and followers
  • Top tags by frequency
  • Updated with live stats
  • Optimal post tracking:
    With this feature, you get an indepth look at what is working for you and your clients on your posts you put out there.

Spytrack also finds: 
  • Optimal hashtags
  • Optimal video duration
  • Optimal post times
  • Best day to post
  • Which hashtags and keywords work best in your posts.
  • In depth post tracking:
    See who the most influencial posters are and their related topics.
You can also watch as Topics grow, 
all in LIVE Time!
  • Top posts
  • Related topics
  • Most influencial
  • Live tracking graph
  • Top recent users
  • Trending topics:
    You can easily track topics and sub-topics live with multiple keywords and posts.

This is what most business pay $1000's a month to get with other lesser softwares! See LIVE INSIGHTS on any topic!
  • Live graphs
  • Topics and sub-topics
  • Users and posts
  • Engagement
  • Topic comparison
We even have a super high tech LIVE MEDIA WALL: This allows you to see who are the top posters and most recent on the media wall!
LIVE 24/7
Best part, you can track it all LIVE 24/7!

  • Top posts
  • Recent posts
  • What's working in your niche
  • What gets retweeted the most and why
  • Biggest engagement
This powerful system gives customers all the data you need to compete against competitors and their social accounts!
By using Spy Track, you can always see the powerful signals and indicators that help you post, engage and succeed using social media!

What are you waiting for? Grab this right away!
Bonus One: Social Kickstart WHITE LABEL WORTH $147
Social Kickstart is our brand new web application. Are you struggling to kickstart your social media, are all your competitors getting more traffic and more engagement than you. Well not to worry we are giving you a way to instantly kickstart your social media campaigns.

Stop struggling and start creating the social traffic you deserve. Let our Social Kickstart app kick your social traffic into top gear.

This app comes with a full whitelabel system. You can rebrand the app and sell the app as your own. You have full white label rights and reseller rights.
Bonus Two: Hashtag Trender WHITE LABEL WORTH $147
Hashtag Trender is a brand new app that lets you see what hashtags have been trending and which are hot right now. The app has a white label license with full rebranding and reseller rights.

It comes with a full reseller kit so you can start selling this today and keep a 100% of the income. You can rebrand it and make it your own.

Has a full membership management system built in so you can manage your clients accounts.
Bonus Three: Hashtag Wizard WHITE LABEL BONUS WORTH $147
Hashtag Wizard is a brand new app that creates the hashtags for your posts. It will give you up to the minute live results what is working for your niche. This will help you rank better using the correct hashtags.

It comes with a full reseller kit so you can start selling this today and keep a 100% of the income. You can rebrand it and make it your own.

Has a full membership management system built in so you can manage your clients accounts.

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