Are You Sick Of Not Being Able To Drive Highly Targeted Social Traffic?
How Would You Like To Drive Targeted Traffic On Autopilot From The Top Four Social Media Accounts? 
Watch The Video Below: We Will Reveal How You Can Take Control Of Your Social Media Accounts In The Next Five Minutes
Get Immediate Access Today And Take Charge Of Your Social Media Accounts
 Use our powerful 10 app's all included in the one platform to take charge of your social media accounts and start driving more targeted social traffic than you ever thought possible
Rich Post Editor
Dynamic Calendar
Content Hub
5 design editor
Multi Projects
Chrome App
I'm Richard Fairbairn and along with my business partner Paul Okeeffe. We are inviting you to take control of all your social media traffic with our new cloud based system that features 10 application under one roof allowing you much more control.

We are actively using social media in every online promotion we now run and have been using social studio to generate huge numbers of organic traffic.
Some of our Campaigns From Facebook and Youtube
How would you like the power of these networks at your fingertips
There are now over four billion users on these networks
Yes I did say... billions of users. Now think of the power at your fingertips if you could market to all those users at the same time. If you could get your offer or product seen by so many eyes, just think of how much that would be worth to you.  Thousands of buyers and leads are out there on these networks so what is stopping you marketing to them? 

What is holding you back from marketing to them all today?  Right now there are so many different social networks that the marketing gurus are telling you to use, that it's easy to get lost in all the noise.  One week they are telling you one network is the best and then a different one the week after. 
So what do you do? concentrate on one?
Then you lose money on the others!

Try and market to all of them?
You just don’t have enough time in the day!
But if we could offer you a powerful hosted solution that put the power of those four networks at your fingertips that would instantly help you bring more traffic. Imagine being able to put your message in front of over four billion users.
Let's Look At The Four Networks
Worldwide there are 2.32 billion users (yes billion) active users and Facebook adds 500,000 users per day. And users generate 4 million likes every minute. Over 100 million hours of video watch daily. Everyone knows how hot Facebook is and should not be ignored.
One of the older networks but definitely should no be ignored. There are over 336 million active Twitter users and over 1.3 billion accounts have been created. Over 65% of US companies use Twitter for marketing and if they do you should too.
Youtube is a video social sharing site that is going from strength to strength each month. And is probably the second biggest search engine after Google. It has 1.3billion users who upload 300 million hours worth of content every minute. Over 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.
Linkedin is classed as a professionals network and is one of the oldest online. It has almost 500 millions users with 2 added every single second. With over 81% of business to business marketers use Linkedin to launch a product.
Don't Ever Lose Social Media Traffic Again
So what if I told you there was a way to utilise all those networks under one roof? 
Sounds pretty crazy right? 
But let me introduce you to Social Studio, it gives you the power to harness all these networks under one roof and more. All in one easy to use web application.

Forget about logging in and creating content, posting, then going on to do the same on the next network. You can do everything under one location.

The manual management of content and posting to multiple networks is time consuming and you can spend all day writing for all the networks, or missing some out and missing out on amazing traffic.
Even When We Are Not There!
The one stop shop for creating viral traffic from the top social media platforms, easy to use & simple to utilise.

Take control of four major networks and start marketing and getting your message in front of their four billion users.

This puts a very powerful system right at your fingertips and lets you build, engage and grow your social media following.
Our auto-pilot posting, and multiple scheduling web application gives you complete control over your social media marketing.

You can plan your social campaigns with the precision of a military general. You can instantly see what is happening across your accounts with a simple glance.
Create a post for Facebook and instantly have the same post optimised for Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. You can schedule all four posts at the same time or schedule them to go out at intervals set by you.

Think of how much more engagement you get when one post becomes four, with a simple click!

Our calendar shows every scheduled post that you have queued up inside the system. For days, weeks, months and even years in advance.

You can instantly edit or reschedule the posts if you wish or delete them all together.
Schedule Your Posts In One Minute On Four Networks!
Step 1. Set Your First Post
Write the first post and get that set in Facebook you can use our rich post editor to make it look better and get more engagement than normal posts.
Step 2. Copy Across
Copy across to any of the other three networks that you want to use, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube.

Using this powerful tool you have four posts ready to go out across all the networks you want.
Step 3. Schedule
You can schedule all four posts at the same time to go out any time you wish. Think of how much time you will save and much more targeted engagement you will get.

In less than one minute you can have four posts ready for four networks at a time scheduled by you. How easy is that?
Think of how quickly Social Studio will help you scale your traffic and save you time. With the built in analytics you can also see how each of your posts are performing across all the different networks from one easy to use dashboard.
You can see FB likes, Twitter Tweets and much more. You can see which posts are getting the engagement and which are not.
WATCH: The Full Walk Through Demo To See How Easy This Is

Schedule Poster 

Use our schedule poster to schedule your posts, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year in front

Four Networks 

You can post to all four networks or schedule to all four networks at the same time

Manage Your Posts

You can manage everything from our dynamic dashboard. Putting everything in your hands

Chrome App

Browse the web and post and schedule your content while on the go. Saves you time and get the content out to users

Design Editor

No need to have an outside design app everything is included inside Social Studio. Theme, design section and more
And much more…
The most basic of tasks on just Facebook alone can be a huge drain on your time, but having all the top four Networks under one roof right at your fingertips will save you huge chunks of time freeing you up to make more money. 
Most companies would include these as upsells but look at how feature rich this is!
Our Scheduling Tool
Our scheduling tool allows you to schedule to any social networks you have set. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin.

You can schedule any time of the day and as far into the future as you wish.

This makes it easy to create engagement with all your social accounts even when you are not there.

You can schedule a post to all four networks at the same time. Each network has their own post slot. This is very powerful and will help you increase effecicency.

Your posts can be edited at any time and rescheduled for different dates. 
Our Calendar Tool
Our calendar tool lets you see what has been scheduled and allows you to edit any scheduled posts for the future.
So if you see a post that you want to change, all you need to do is find it, edit and re-save it. On the calendar we also have engaging posts, these are posts done by our in-house team. So if you have nothing to post one day use these. So your walls and pages always have content. Content is king!

All posts are shown, whether they are ready for posting or if they have already been posted. If a post has done well you can reschedule it again for a later date, and reuse content that works.
Our Chrome Extension
We provide a chrome extension so whenever you find any content you what to share with your audience you can capture it direct from the browser and post.
You can even schedule for a later date right from your browser. This puts your social media campaigns right at your finger tips as you are browsing the web. See something you like...BAM highlight it, then post or schedule it.

This saves time and helps you get the posts and content you need. While you are browsing you are all the time building content for your social media campaigns.

Takes just seconds to set and post or schedule content while you are browsing using our Chrome app.
Our Rich Post Editor
Our rich post editor lets you add callouts to posts by adding bold, more fonts, strike thru and a searchable emoji database.

This gives you more control over what you post and how it looks. This will make your posts stand out from all those around you and stop viewers from scrolling straight past.

Our rich post editor gives you the control to make your post stand out in a already crowded market place and help to get your audience to take notice of you.

Our Content Hub
Our content hub gives you updated content at your fingertips. Search for what your niche needs and you have content ready to go.

Select the post, image and hit post and everything is set and ready to post to your social media accounts.

There are tons of different niches to search through, where the posts and content are updated on a hourly basis and collected from many different sources for you.

Never be stuck for content again for example for anyone in the crypto niche there are over 300 posts right now ready and waiting for you to utilise on your walls and platforms.
Our Analytics
Our analytics looks at likes, comments & shares for both Facebook and Twitter so you can instantly see how your posts are doing.

See which posts create the most engagement, then it's easy to scale up your campaigns. You can see the likes, comments and shares as a whole or for each individual post. See what's working, then duplicate and copy.

You can check single posts or all posts for up to 3 months previously making it very easy to see exactly  what is working for you and what isn't.
Our Design Editor
Our design editor lets you create stunning social media graphics right from inside the software so no need to go to a third party app to create the graphics you can create and post/schedule right from inside Social Studio.

This has 1000's of graphics, icons and images already built into the database. Create amazing graphics or use our themes and templates. Our in house graphics team are in there as well creating some stunning templates for you to use.

Our social themes are constantly being added by our graphics team and they are there for you to use too. 
Our Design Editor Comes With 100's of Templates Included
We Have Templates For Every Niche
Take A Look Through Our Social Studio Features In This Powerful App
Can You Spare Just One Hour Per Week?
Thats all it takes to get your whole social media promotions set for the week using our unique cloud based system.

Then it's just set and forget until the week after. 

This is like having your own team of VA's doing the work for you, sit back and relax while everything is taken care of.
Content is King...Still
With the time saving tools you can create more content and BETTER content than ever before.

Creating quality content and publishing more often gives you better reach and more engagement with your audience.

You can even use our content curation module and just edit to match.
Graphics At Your Fingertips
With our in built graphics editor and our templates database you can never run out of graphics to post.

There is something for everyone and its super easy just to modify a template to match what you need.

There are no restrictions on what you can do with the graphics.
Run More Than Once Business?
Lots of people are running different niches on social media - are you?

They need to buy different apps for each account but not with Social Studio.

You can easily switch between niches and accounts it's just a simple click and then it's done.
If you lock in Social Studio at todays low price then we are also going to give you our brand new software CLK and CLK Pro as a FREE bonus. 
CLK Will Increase Your Clicks By Five Times On These Platforms
Getting one click normally from your images on social media instantly becomes 5…
Five becomes twenty five and even more…
We are seeing a five to seven fold increase in clicks using this software
CLK turns images posted on social media into clickable images. So your viewer doesn’t have to search for the link the image becomes a clickable image. This is a cloud hosted system that works on Facebook. 
It has sharing and full analytics built in plus image cloning. This software will instantly give you a boost on your clicks on Facebook.
CLK Pro turns any image on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn into instant click images and drives even more traffic than ever before. This is a cloud hosted system and you get a full personal rights license you can add as many images and CTA’s as you wish.
This includes everything from the main version and more in depth tracking and sharing capabilities.
How would you like to turn your images into clickable call to actions with almost 990 million user! So you don't want to lose all those clicks do you. Add images on to all those three platforms, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin and when you add images you can turn them into clickable social cards.
You can resell as your own with a fully done for you funnel which includes the front end version and the pro version
Templates monthly we are adding our template monthly upgrade right here to the front end. Normally you would pay $47 per month for this option but we are including this for free when you purchase on the early bird.
You Will Receive 150 Social Media Templates Added Each Month To Your Account In Multiple Categories
EMPOWER Your Social Studio Results With This Training: “Our SECRET Revealed: 5 Minute Money Pages That Attract 10,000+ Visitors EACH For Passive Commissions
Learn How We figured out how to build traffic-attracting pages to sell/promote anything, in as little as 5 minutes each (normally taking days)
Social Studio is Your Personal One Stop Shop For Automated Social Media Mega Traffic
It's the complete package...

Social Studio

Our cloud based app worth $346

Social Studio Training

Our in depth training worth $297

Template Monthly

150 social media templates monthly worth $497

Unlimited Accounts

Access to our unlimited account feature worth $197


Access to a personal license for our CLK app worth $47

CLK Pro App

Access to the pro license worth $97

CLK Full Resellers

Access to the reseller license worth $497

5 Minute Money Pages Training

See how to build these 5 minute money pages.
 Here is our promise to you. Try Social Studio risk free for 30 days and if it is not right for you then all you need to do is send us a support ticket and we will refund every penny of your purchase. 
No questions asked...
No quibble...
Just a full refund...
You Have Nothing To Lose...
Frequently Asked Questions
Will This Work On Any Computer?
Yes, this is a cloud-based platform and it will work for anyone with a computer and an internet connection
Is There Training Provided?
Yes, we give full over the shoulder training for all aspects of the Social Studio platform. These are updated as new features are added
Is There Any Limits?
The only limit and safeguard we put in place is a spam threshold, we hold posts if your account is hitting any of our spam thresholds
Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, we give you a full thirty days to check out the system and use it. This will help you see whether this is for you
Will This Price Remain?
No after the early bird launch this will go to a recurring monthly fee and the bonuses will be removed
What About Support?
Yes, we have a support desk manned Monday-Friday 24/7 and a skeleton staff Sat/Sun

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