How Would You Like To Resell Vlydo Using The Full Funnel
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Thanks so much for investing in Vlydo, you’ve made a smart choice and you now have your hands on the most up to date advanced video player on the market.
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This is not for everyone though, as we are only looking for serious entrepreneurs who are determined to make a good income online…

If you fit that bill then listen up to what we have to offer.

Producing software that works well and that buyers want is hard work, expensive and very time consuming.

If you don’t know what you are doing it can lead to very costly mistakes.

Now what if we took every obstacle and problem you may face out of the equation?

What if we gave you a time tested and ready done product for you to resell.

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1. Front End Offer
You get to resell our front end offer to your clients no restrictions on what and how you sell it
  • Front end sales page included
  • Front end vsl included
  •    Front end delivery included
2. Pro Offer
You get the Vlydo pro offer to sell to your clients with no restrictions on price or where you can sell it.
  • Pro sales page included
  •    Pro VSL included
  •    Pro delivery included
3. Social Offer
You get the social Vlydo offer to resell to your clients giving you the full funnel to sell for what ever you wish
  • Social sales page included
  •    Social VSL included
  •    Social delivery included
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