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A Consistent & Predictable Money Making System For 2018
Are You Seeing ?
It was 6am, and a morning like pretty much every other morning.

I was exhausted from staying up until 3am trying to make money online. 

I tried everything and worked crazy hours every single week trying to ‘crack the code’ to a consistent online income, but nothing seemed to work. 

After wasting money on all kinds of training courses, software, and methods that were supposed to make me hundreds of dollars per day… 

...all I had to show for it was charged up credit cards and exhaustion from staying up late working every single night. 

Then one day it all changed… 

....I noticed a strange message on my screen...

"Follow The Blue Bird"

I followed the blue bird, to 12th Avenue, and went to an old apartment building… 

I entered room #3304 and was greated by the the man I’d  been wanting to meet for ages. 
His Name Is MorPayUs...
I had heard of the Paytrix, but I wasn’t 100% sure it was real. 

MorePayUs assured me that the Paytrix was very real, and that it’s all around us. 
MorPayUs Revealed
What I'd Always Suspected...

  •  As a newbie, I was doing everything WRONG!
  •  I was a slave and was being lied to… 
  •  I was wasting my time… 
  •  The courses and methods I was buying weren’t giving me a real plan for making money, and I was wasting time and money… 
  •  And everything I was doing to this point was just spinning my wheels… 

"You cannot be told what the Paytrix is...

...you can only be shown the Paytrix.
MorPayUs Then Said...
“You take the blue pill, the story ends and you go back to your 9-5."
"You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes...."
Hi there, Jono Armstrong here with Paul O’Keeffe and Richard Fairbairn...
I started with affiliate marketing back in 2017, and like most people, I struggled a lot in the beginning. I was working in low-skilled jobs most of my life, and I was looking for an escape.

The internet seemed like the answer. 

But I didn’t get results right away. 

Far from it. 

As you know, there is a lot of bad information out there and methods that just don’t work all that well. 

Luckily, I kept my head down, stay focused, and didn’t quit… (although I thought about quitting many times) 

Back in February of 2017, I made my first $18 with affiliate marketing, and ultimately discovered a system that enabled me to crack the code to making consistent daily income like this… 

Another $700 Day…
Over $7,175 In Just 7 Days…
Consistent $12,306.46, $19,622.19 & $23,206.72 From Scratch

Making $1,235.58 A Day Is Now EASY
Some time ago, I had the opportunity to meet Paul and Richard.

These guys are pure pros, and they’ve made millions online. 

They looked at what I was doing and showed me how I could easily go from the $700 per day I was already making to $1,200+ per day with just a few small tweaks. 

And what they showed me worked with just a few minutes of work… 

Getting Paid Changes For YOU Today
Richard has been a online marketer since Febuary 1996 and has generated millions of dollars online. He first started affiliate marketing in 2000.

He has worked in many different niches and runs a very successful software development company.

He recently came in the top ten affiliate on Jvzoo out of over 500,000 affiliates.

Paul left the 9-5 rat-race and moved to Asia in 2009 and has been making his living online since 2010. 

He first started affiliate marketing in 2015 under the mentorship and guidance of Richard.

He has now become a full business partner of Richard's within his software development company.

He now lives the 'Digital Nomad' lifetsyle working from all over the world wherever his fancy takes him .

My $700 a Day Quickly Increased To $1200...
The method they showed me changed everything, it made me realise how much extra income I was leaving on the table. 

They showed me how to treat any affiliate promotion just like a campaign for your own product.

You see, they treat any affilaite camapign as a sales funnel.

So they have a start and end point and they make money at each step of the way. It doesnt matter how much you are making from affiliate traffic you can increase it using this method.

I was making $700 and then I followed the system and increased it to $1200, so if you are making just $7 you can increase your income to $12....

  •  It’s 100% newbie-friendly but works as well for seasoned marketers
  •  Increase your total affiliate earnings by using this method
  •  It can be quickly added to any affiliate promotion
  •  Just a few additions & adjustments to any affiliate campaign
  •  It works with any online affiliate promotion
I was blown away…

Richard and Paul showed me the results they where getting by using their Paytrix system and I was quickly able to replicate this to my own affiliate camapigns.
Today, you have the opportunity for us to show you EXACTLY how you can do this too…

I’ll teach you the exact system I use to make $700+ per day, and between us we’ll also show you how to take that to the next level using the method that Paul and Richard taught me. 

This is something I am positive you have NEVER seen before, and will probably never have the opportunity to see again. 
Paytrix is a brand new system that gives you everything you need to add an extra $0.75 to every $1.00 you make online. Paytrix is NOT about exploiting some loophole. It’s a PROVEN system for making 75% more from the current affiliate promotions you are running. This means for every $1 most affiliates earn you can now increase your earnings on the same promos to $1.75, simply by following this  proven process.
INSIDE PAYTRIX YOU GET THE EXACT BLUEPRINT THAT EARNS $12,306.46, $19,622.19 & $23,206.72...
Paytrix Starter
  Paytrix Advanced
This easy to follow video course shows you how I went from earning $18 a day to over $700 a day.

This is great for any newbie who wants to start generating affiliate commissions.

I haven't left anything out all you need to know is inside.

Now take my method for getting started in affiliate marketing and use it with the advanced Paytrix method from Richard and Paul. 

Turn that $700 a day into $1200 a day and beyond.

PDF's and videos for the Paytrix advanced.

" I have to say that the way these 3 guys have laid out the Paytrix method, it's mind blowing to see how much potential in earnings could be getting left on the table by the majority of people who run affiliate promotions online. I love how simple and easy to implement this is for anyone running an affiliate campaign."
Abhi Dwivedi - VineaSX Solutions
"The Paytrix system is so simple yet so effective, I can see exactly how 90% of affiliate marketers are leaving so much easy cash on the table. It's time to rethink how we run our affiliate promotions"
Matthew Neer - Clickbank Super Affiliate
"WOW! When I actually sit back and think at how super simple this is I cannot believe more affiliate marketers are not doing what is taught inside the Paytrix system. It's time for me to go away and implement this on my next affiliate promotion."
Alex Copeland - Pocket Ace Promotions
Inside Paytrix You Get Everything You Need To Make 75% MORE ON ANY AFFILIATE CAMPAIGN YOU RUN...

  •  This is a COMPLETE system that gives you everything you need to make extra money online
  •  Discover how to make money quickly and scale up to a ‘quit your job’ level of online income
  •  No product creation required with the Paytrix method 
  •  Works for promoting any kind of offer you want (software or information)
  •  FREE traffic methods included so you can get going on a shoestring budget 
  •  Scalable to 6 figures and beyond 

Imagine Making $23,183.22 Every Single Month?

It’s that time.

You can take the Blue Pill, close this page and go back to struggling to make money using worn out methods that don’t work. 

You can take the Red Pill and enter the Paytrix. 

Once you get into the Paytrix, you’ll discover a simple method that 90% of other affiliate marketers are not using, that will add 75% more income to your affiliate promotions… 

And you’ll never look back. 

You’ll finally start making the kind of money you deserve to make, and you’ll get your hands on our proven blueprint for making $700-$1,200+ per day online. 

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Get Paytrix Right Now, And GET $700 WORTH of Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - Reseller Box
You get access to the reseller box which gives you done for you plugins that you can resell or offer as a bonus.
  •  Reseller box lite includes five done for you plugins complete with sales pages
  •  Reseller box pro includes five more done for you plugins complete with sales pages.
  •  Reseller box whitelabel includes the ability to rebrand the plugins
  •  Reseller box master includes the right to be able to resell the reseller box system
Full access to Pixal Evolution and all upsells and modules included. Complete graphics app that has sold 1000's of copies
  •  Agency module included this allows you to add clients into the system
  •  Pro module included this includes all the extra design features
  •  Overlay module included this lets you overlay any site with amazing call to actions
  •  Wordpress plugins included this lets you add any of your pixal creations to Wordpress sites
This Bonus Will Be Removed As Soon As The Seats Fill Up!
This was going to be included as a upsell in the funnel but we have now decided to give it away and include it for anyone who purchases just the front end offer!

How would you like to get on a live call with the three of us? so we can answer any of your questions about Paytrix or anything else we can help you with.
Don't miss the chance to jump on a live call (no pitch) with three industry heavy weights. Make sure you get your spot before places fill up!
Jono went from a struggling affiliate marketer to making over $30,000 per month and being one of the top affiliates in this space.

Ask him how he went for zero to hero and let him dispense some of his wisdom.
Paul has gone from making $0 online in 2015 to making a six figure a year income. When it comes to thinking outside the box Paul is your man.

Ask him how you can start earning six figures.
The old man of the trio, Richard has been online for over 22 years and been involved in many online industries. He was awarded top ten affiliate status for Jvzoo in 2017 out of 500,000 affiliates.

Ask Richard anything and let him put you on the right track.
In Just Four Simple Steps
Lock-In Your Discount And Get The Money-Making Bonuses When You Get Paytrix Right Now
Follow The Training INside To Get EVerything Setup IN Minutes
Bank $100 IN Your PayPal Within 24 Hours Or LEss From RigHT Now. if you follow our guide
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Guaranteed To Make You Money
Although the discounted pricing, top quality training, and bonuses make Paytrix a no-brainer, we don’t want anything to hold you back from getting this right now.

That’s why we’re going to GUARANTEE your success by giving you a full 30 days to test-drive Paytrix on our dime.

If you change your mind for ANY reason, all you have to do is let us know, and we’ll get you a refund.

With a no risk guarantee like this, the only way you can lose is by closing this page without getting your hands on Paytrix right now.
Paytrix Quick Start Guide
   Real World Value = $97
Paytrix Video Training
   Real World Value = $147
Paytrix Bonus #1
   Real World Value = $297
Paytrix Bonus #2
   Real World Value = $400+
Paytrix Bonus #3
   Real World Value = Priceless!
The Real World Value Of Everything Included With Paytrix Is $941+
...But You Get It All Right Now
For Just...
If you answer "yes" to any of the following,
you need to get Paytrix right now...

  •  You’re just starting out online and looking for a simple method that will make you big money
  •  You’ve been trying to ‘crack the code’ to making consistent money online but nothing really seems to work for you, and you’re tired of struggling
  •  It seems like every training course you’ve purchased online is rehashed or something you’ve seen before, and you’re looking for something that’s fresh and new 
  •  You’ve always felt like maybe there was something more out there that people weren’t telling you, and you want to know the truth to making money online every single day 
  •  You like the idea of getting your hands on the EXACT method that we used to make $700+ per day online 
Are You Ready To Know The Truth? Take The Red Pill Now To Choose Paytrix

Warning! The price on Paytrix is going up. If you close this page without getting Paytrix,
you run the risk of paying a lot more for this.
Frequently Asked Questions
About Paytrix
What is Paytrix?
Paytrix is a brand new training that gives you everything you need to finally make real money online. Paytrix is NOT about exploiting some loophole. It’s a PROVEN system for making money and scaling up to a quit-your-job level of online income extremely quickly.
How is the Paytrix training delivered?
Inside Paytrix you get a Quick Start Guide and access to our Step-By-Step video training.
What will I discover inside Paytrix?
You’ll discover a brand new, never-before-revealed method for making a daily online income and then scaling things up to 6 figures and beyond.
Is the Paytrix method really newbie-friendly?
Yes, Paytrix is 100% newbie-friendly. You don't need any special skills or experience to get results. All you need is the Paytrix step-by-step training.
Is the Paytrix method something new that I've never seen before?
We're positive you have never seen anything like Paytrix before. This training will completely change what you thought you knew about making money online and give you a simple, step-by-step plan that actually makes you money.
What kind of money can I make with Paytrix?
Inside Paytrix you'll discover how Jono went from making $18 to $700 per day, and the top secret method that Richard and Paul showed him to scale up to $1,200+ per day. 
Is getting traffic covered inside Paytrix?
Yes. Paytrix is a complete system for making money online, and inside we reveal how to get traffic flowing right away. We even show you how to make money fast with the Paytrix method using 100% FREE traffic.
Does Paytrix come with a money back guarantee?
Yes. We are so sure you'll make money with Paytrix that we're giving you 30 days to test-drive this training on our dime. If you change your mind for ANY reason, just let us know, and we'll get you a refund of your tiny investment today.
How do I get Paytrix at the lowest price possible?
The price on Paytrix is going up fast. Click the button below now to get instant access to Paytrix at the lowest price possible...
Click The Button Below Now To
Enter The Paytrix
Warning! The price on Paytrix is going up. If you close this page without getting Paytrix,
you run the risk of paying a lot more for this.

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