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You have made a very smart choice in purchasing Social Studio you have the power of social media right at your fingertips.  But how would you like to take that to the next level?  And add our power bar to your post editor. 

Power up your post to the next level to increase engagement and get even more users clicking and interacting with your posts.  How can you get more people to click on your posts and interact with you? How can one post with the exact same message get more clicks and engagement. 
Same post... Same message But one get more clicks and 
engagement than the other
How is that possible?
Hashtags help with key performance indicators, which means they help get more eyeballs to the post, it gets better ranking, it gets more viewers, more engagement etc.
But how do you know which hashtags to use, which work and which don't?
Introducing the Social Studio Power Bar
This is a add on bar to your social studio account and is activated for pro users and gives you the power of hashtags right at your fingertips

Auto Hashtag

This will scan your post then add in the most relevant hashtags to use. This way you then know you are using the perfect hashtag’s for your post.

Hashtag Suggestions

This scans your post and suggests the hashtags this will even give you the stats of the hashtags so you can see what exposure you are likely to receive per hour.

Auto Emoji

This will automatically add in the best emoji’s for your post no search just let the software do the work for you. Make your posts stand out and make those viewers engage.

Emoji Suggestions

The software will scan your post and suggest the best emoji’s to work with your post. No looking no searching just choose from which ones the software suggests.

Hashtag Stats 

See what the traffic is for the hahstag you want to add. See the impressions and engagement it is getting. This will help you see what exposure you are likely to get.

Trending Hashtags

In the trending hashtags section, you will find hashtags that are hot right now and doing millions of view. Search for the ones most relevant to your niche and add.

The Social Studio Power Bar will help you get even more engagement and interaction with your posts. Don’t miss this opportunity to lock in this amazing add on for one low fee.

The power bar is a revolutionary addon that will that helps you understand what works. It uses a backend algorithm that does the thinking for you. So you don't need to decide what to use it picks WHAT WORKS!
The power bar does the thinking for you!

And its right there at your finger tips ready to jump in and help with those posts.
  •   No guesswork
  •   No research needed
  •   No failed posts
  •   Engaged posts
  •   More clicks
  •   More visitors
Stop Guessing What You Should Add And Use The Power Bar 
For Inteligent Up To The Minute Hashtags and Emojis
Easy To Create Engaging Posts 
  •   Create your post using our post editor
  •   Choose auto hashtag
  •   Choose the position and number of hashtags you want
  •   Click replace and your post is set and ready to go
How easy is that? in just a few simple steps you have created a post ready to go with the most relevant hashtags.
Get The Most Relevant Hashtag Suggestions
  •   Create your post using our post editor
  •   Choose hashtag suggestions
  •   See the most relvant and upto date stats for hashtags
  •   Choose the ones with the most exposure
Pretty simple right? no guesswork you just get the hashtag with most exposure, number of tweets, tweets per hour and more.
Spy On Your Competitors
  •   Create your post using our post editor
  •   Choose the hashtag you want to use from any of your competitors
  •   Check the stats see how well its doing
  •   Add to your post
A great way to get the most relevant hashtags added to your posts, copy succesful campaigns.
Instant Trending Hashtags
  •   Create your post using our post editor
  •   Click trending hashtags
  •   Find the most relevant hashtags with the most exposure 
  •   Add to your post
Some of these hashtags have millions of views per hour! yes I did say per hour.
Auto Emoji
  •   Create your post using our post editor
  •   Choose auto emojify
  •   Your post is built with the most relevant emojis
No guesswork needed just use the best emoji's that fit and work best with your post. Make your post stand out with different emojis.
Instant Emojis
  •   Create your post using our post editor
  •   Choose emoji suggestions
  •   Software returns the most relevant 
  •   Add to your post
Stop using the same emoji over and over again make sure you use the most relevant ones.
Claim Social Media Mastery As A Bonus 
And For A Limited Time Get Resellers Included
Social media mastery includes up to the date videos on how to get the most from social media and includes all the popular networks and an in-depth look at how to get the most engagement and traffic.
This is not PLR this is done by our in house team of video team and graphics team. Which means you get a product up to date and relevant for 2019. It includes over 60 videos that you can use yourself or you can resell and keep 100% of the income.


Everything you need to know about Facebook from marketing to ads. This video course is perfect for both newbies and veteran social media marketers. Facebook is changing daily and our in house team covers everything you need.


Make Instagram work for you and drive engaged followers. A picture tells a 1000 words and that is so true with Instagram. This is perfect for brands to grow and showcase their products.


These videos are powerful if you have never used Linkedin now is the time to start. Linkedin has over 500 million active users and is a great market place for businesses to grow and network.


Overlooked a lot by marketers but this is a quick and easy way to drive sales. twitter has over 126 million daily users so that's a huge audience that you can get your message in front of.


The second biggest search engine our videos will show you how to take over. Youtube delivers some amazing traffic and it is so easy to grow your channel our video course will help you.


More traffic than ever before have you been missing your share. These was considered just a social network for females but in 2019 that is not true anymore so get in now.
Plus For The Reseller You Get:
Sales Page Designed By Our In House Team
Our team has designed a stunning sales page that you can use as your own to resell Social Media  Mastery and keep the income for yourself.
Reseller Rights To All Video's
You get a full reseller license to all six video courses, you can treat these as your own. Resell, build a membership site or use yourself.
Full Graphics Pack
Our graphics team have created the graphics that you need including logos, boxshots and more all to use and included with your license.
 Here is our promise to you. Try the White Label Apps package risk free for 30 days and if it is not right for you then all you need to do is send us a support ticket and we will refund every penny of your purchase. 
No questions asked...
No quibble...
Just a full refund...

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