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STOP: How Would You Like To Sell SpyTack Features To Your Clients
Congratulations you have just claimed access to a unique software 
the likes of which have never been seen in our space before. 

This will give you an in-depth look at your competitors and Then track In Real Time 
Both your's and their social Media campaign's.
But how would you like to take that one step further?
How would you like to be able to sell the features of Spy Track to your client's and provide all the benefits that you have direct to your client's.

The will also get their own access to the features and campaign's you set for them.

Here's how you can start your own agency in 4 simple steps.
Your clients get their own login via their own portal, you set that under your own name and sub domain.

Plus you can export all the data for your clients via png, csv and pdf.

You can charge your clients for each campaign you set them up or you could charge them on a monthly basis building them campaigns.
With The Agency Comes The Pro Version Included
With the pro version you get the optimisation module this gives the best time to post on Twitter or add your videos to YouTube. So you can see when you will get the most traction from your posts or videos.
You also get the trending topic module, so you can look at 
different topics and get related keywords as well
This means you could drill down from marketing and add social media, so you get trending topics around social media marketing. Giving you an even more in depth look at the keywords or hashtags.
Agency Website Included Worth $197
You get a fully formatted agency website page to use to help you find clients for your agency business. This is done by our inhouse graphics team to the quality we use in our business.
So just to recap if you upgrade today here is what is included:
Total Saving of $828
This is only available if you purchase and lock in this upgrade today. 
After the close of the launch all prices will revert to normal.