Are You Ready To Embrace The Latest Technology That Monitors Your Social Media Campaigns 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
And With The Agency Version Included
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This groundbreaking app, was responsible for helping me generate $4000 in 18 hours 
on one of the biggest launches on JVzoo in 2018
In 1597, Sir Francis Bacon said "Knowledge is Power"
Here we are over 500 years later, and that quote is even more relevant today, due to the fast moving social media world that we live in.

Social media moves at almost the speed of light, what is relevant right now, quite possibly will not be in 10 minutes time.
How do you know what is relevant to post, and more importantly which posts will get the most shares or engagement... And how about the holy grail of marketing, getting your campaign to go viral.
Viral campaigns get 10’000’s of likes, generate mass engagement and as a result pull in huge sales for relevant offers
How would you feel if I told you about a website app that acts as your own personal crystal ball.

It lets you see instantly what is working in the current big bad world of Social Media.

Not only does it let you see what’s current, but it tracks everything live in real time for you 24/7.

Giving you an unprecedented advantage in creating viral social media campaigns.

I know what you’re thinking… This sounds expensive
And believe me, when we first found something that did just what we have told you about.  We were shocked at how expensive it was...we are not talking 30-40 dollars per month but $100’s per month. 

Deep down we knew that we needed this software if we where to compete with our competitors and actually outdo them. So rather than pay $100’s per month we decided to create our own… 
I’m Richard Fairbairn and along with my business partner Paul Okeeffe I wanted to introduce you to
Spytrack is our new tool hosted in the cloud for online entrepreneurs who need up to the minute data to start dominating the social media space, propelling any social media campaign to the top of the tree in real time.
Think of this as a window to what is happening right now, this just doesn't show you a snap-shot of data like similar tools. This builds a pattern of what is happening around your trackers and keeps updating them every second, 24/7 therefore constantly building you an amazing resource of useable information and data.
Spytrack works with
  • Hashtags
  • Url’s
  • Mentions
  • Accounts
  • Keywords
It is extremely easy to use and you can start creating trackers in 3 simple steps

Step 1. 

Add in the information you wish to track

Step 2. 

Get a snapshot of the information then hit save

Step 3.

That's it your tracker is off and running and working for you
From the dashboard you can see posts stretching back for the life of the tracker so you can see if anyone is talking about your brand or what people are saying about your competitors.

You can see who the influencers are around each tracker, making it super easy to contact them for a shout out or promotion deal. 

You can even drill down further into each influencer and see more about them. 
Then we have trending topics and keywords, these let you see any sub topics and keywords that you may be missing out on. Then on to the media wall to see top and recent posts.
Plus we have the optimisation settings, here you can see when is the best time for you to post and get the best engagement. Your followers growth and change. Once the trackers begin building up the relevant data, the fun kicks off and you start to build a mine of information that you can use, to crush it with your social media campaigns.
This works with:

Affiliate campaign’s 

See which hashtags and keywords you have to use that will get your more awareness

Promoting your own products 

Create the right amount of social media buzz to get users talking about your products

Creating engagement with your brand or business 

Make sure your message is getting out there.


Track and monitor established or authority figures in your niche and replicate what they are doing to build up your social media presence.
Four simple trackers helped me generate over $4000 in the first 18 hours on the biggest launch of 2018 on Jvzoo. Simply by giving me the information I needed to use to get a head start on my competitors on social media.
If you act today, you will get the agency version, an agency website PLUS the pro version of Spytrack all for one low early adopter price.
So what do you get in the agency version? 
Well the Spytrack agency version includes a full members portal and is so simple to set up in just three steps.

Step One

Name the agency, this is then branded to you!

Step Two

Add in your clients, then send them their own login details. They have their own portal branded to you!

Step Three

Assign trackers to your clients in a easy drop down menu.
Then charge for the services this unique software creates and sit back and reap the rewards.
But you need to act today otherwise you stand to lose $828
 Here is our promise to you. Try the White Label Apps package risk free for 30 days and if it is not right for you then all you need to do is send us a support ticket and we will refund every penny of your purchase. 
No questions asked...
No quibble...
Just a full refund...

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